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Play Alongs

Play alongs are programs or recordings that either generate a backup band sound for you or have pre-recorded back up sounds for you to play along with.  They are terrific for practicing Jazz improvisation with.  Here is a list and review of ones I've used.  There are probably many more you could find with a search for "Jazz Play Alongs".


Band In A Box

This is my favorite, especially when the "Real Tracks" are purchased with it.  Enter the chord progression for a tune, pick a backing style (numerous Jazz styles along with MANY other styles) and play along.  You can change tempo, key, etc.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for any serious musician, or anyone else who wants to have FUN playing!!!


I have a zip file with quite a few hundred Jazz tunes already made up for BIAB here




Similar to BIAB, but more portable.  It is used on iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices.  Enter the chord progression for a tune, pick a backing style and play along.  Great for practicing on the go, or you can't be by your computer to use BIAB.  Great inexpensive program. RECOMMENDED!


Download 1200 plus Jazz tunes at the iRealPro forum



Jamey Aebersold

Has a LOT of pre-recorded play along CDs of professional Jazz players playing Jazz tunes.  You get to play along with the masters.  Not as versatile as BIAB or iRealB, but very well done.  



Petimar Press

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