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These videos show the Barry Harris Jazz improvising method on the mandolin.  Fiddle/violin players will find these very useful as well.  New videos are always being added and will appear at the bottom of this page.  Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notified when new videos are posted. 


Barry Harris #1 Dominant Scale Ideas


Barry Harris #2 Major Scale Ideas


Barry Harris #3 Blues


Barry Harris #4 I Got Rhythm Changes


Barry Harris #5 Dominant Half Step Rules


Barry Harris #6 Dominant 5 4 3 2


Barry Harris #7 Pivoting


Barry Harris #8 Rhythm Changes B Part


Barry Harris For More Information


Barry Harris #9 Major Scale Half Step Rules


Barry Harris #10 Major 5 4 3 2


Barry Harris #11 Barry's Chromatic Scale

Barry Harris #12 Diminished and 4 Related Dominants

Barry Harris #13 Tritone



More coming soon!



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