How to play JAZZ on the mandolin

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 Jazz Mandolin Instruction Books


These books are no longer free.  The links direct you to Amazon.com where you can see a preview and order the book.  

Chord Melody and Drop 2 Chords for Mandolin

Learn how to arrange tunes and improvise solos using chord melody and drop 2 type chord voicings.  Drop 2 voicings are the most commly used chord voicing by Jazz piano and guitar players for chord melody.  this book introduces drop 2, shows common drop 2 voicings, then shows how to arrange pieces using drop 2.  An essential sound for a complete Jazz player!


Bebop Mandolin: Target Notes and Chromatic Approaches

One of the differences of Bebop from Swing improvisation was how the players used "target notes" and how they approached these targets.  This book is a very complete study of this technique and shows how to practice to get this sound into your improvising.


Jazz Chording For Mandolin

A study of various eras of Jazz and how to choose chords and voicings appropriate to that era.


Bebop Scales for Mandolin and Violin

Shows what scales players used often during the Bebop era and shows how to practice to get these scales into your improvising. 

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